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As a Motion graphics Designer with a Master's in Design from The University of Southampton, I specialize in bringing static designs to life through animation and visual effects. I create dynamic content for various media, including films, television, websites, and social media, using advanced software to produce visually compelling animations. My work involves designing engaging motion graphics for advertisements, explainer videos, and interactive presentations, UI animation, combining elements like typography, imagery, and sound. By merging creativity with technical skills, I ensure that each project captivates and communicates effectively with the target audience, delivering impactful visual experiences.



Motion graphics visualising the Highest Valued currencies in 2024


Oraimo Grooming kit 

Animation for the Oraimo brand launching the new grooming kit for men with an engaging podcast

1795 design cover

1795 Rebellion

A motion graphics explainer video detailing the History of the curacao rebellion in 1795.


UBA Valantine's Day

United bank of Africa's Valentines day promotion animation.

ijournal girlie

IJournal Animation

Character animation of funny relatable scenarios that have generated more than 3 million in views and engagement across popular social media platforms.

pwr scene 1.jpg

PWR Advisory Equality 

Animation promoting equality regardless of gender, age and disability in the office for PWR advisory. 

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