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IJournal Animation


Awele Emili


Driven by a desire to engage social media audiences with informative and entertaining content, I embarked on creating a personal animated graphic series focused on humour, trends and awareness campaigns. With no prior experience in animation, I set out to learn, strategize, and execute from scratch. As a result, within months, the series amassed over 3 million views across TikTok and Instagram, exceeding initial expectations. Gained a loyal following who actively engaged with the content, providing valuable feedback and contributing to the series' development.I received positive feedback on the informativeness and clarity of the content, highlighting the successful integration of knowledge into an engaging format. Contributed to positive social change by raising awareness and sparking discussions on crucial topics.I developed new skills in animation, social media marketing, and community building. Honed my understanding of visual communication principles and their impact on audience engagement and accessibility.


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