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As a communication Designer with a Master's degree in Design from The University of Southampton, I use visual elements to convey messages, ideas, and information effectively across various media. I create designs for print and digital platforms, develop brand identities, organize and present information clearly, and craft engaging visual narratives. By combining graphic design, typography, information design, infographics, motion graphics, human centred design, data visualisation and multimedia elements, I ensure that my work resonates with target audiences and achieves the desired impact in marketing, advertising,

and corporate communications.


E-Waste: Hazardous Chemicals

Investigating the impact of E-waste and creating innovative design solutions to tackle this social burden. This Pamphlet's goal is to spread awareness about the potential chemical hazards of uncontrolled E-waste and inspire positive change.

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Lead Hers: Life lessons from African Women

Meta's 'LeadHers : Life Lessons from African Women’, is a publication for a collection of beautiful, insightful and inspirational real-life stories from a selection of formidable African women who are pioneering change in their communities. 

Child with the Soso book

Soso and the Kako leaf

A children's book about the adventures of a child called soso in a magical realm. 

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